Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Hand Foundation

Wanted to share some GREAT news we received yesterday. We had recently applied for a grant through First Hand Foundation to pay for some extra therapies for Luke. We've been tremendously blessed in that ALL of Luke's therapy up to this point has been paid for by insurance and/or our state Early Intervention program. in 100%.

But I've been thinking and watching and learning and researching and praying....and realizing that there are some alternative therapies that would benefit Luke that are not covered by insurance. They're effective. They're scientifically proven. And they're pricey.

So, in this super-amazing mom's group that I'm apart of, there's a friend that told me about First Hand Foundation and encouraged me to apply.

We did.

And yesterday we found out that Luke was approved!!!!!

For about $3,800 worth of therapy.

We are elated and feel so, so very blessed!!

I promise I'll fill you in on the rest of the details soon. Can't wait to share what our little guys are up to these days.


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