Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On technology woes and St. Patrick's Day

My goodness...we've had a rough couple of months around here as far as our tech devices go.

Luke was given an iPad back in 2010. The thing has gone to the moon and back, I feel like. Seriously, it has taken such a beating. But it has a great case and Luke has never come close to breaking it or damaging it. But two weeks ago, in a freakish sort of turn of events...his beloved iPad took a tumble and fell 8 inches (EIGHT INCHES!) to their bedroom floor. The entire screen is gouged out. As in, pieces of glass are falling out of the screen.

So, there's that....

Then Andrew's mini iPad that was gifted to him from a church also had its screen shattered. He was talking to someone and there was an awkward hand-off and before either of them realized, it went tumbling down to the concrete pavement. Ouch.

My little Chromebook (also a gift from a church. We've been blessed, that's for sure!) finally gave up. Caleb spilled water on it about 14 months ago. It recovered and worked just fine. Until suddenly it didn't. And, that was that.


So, yeah....blogging has been mostly out of the question.  Unless I wanted to peck a post out on my phone. Which I didn't. :)

But, here I am....on a new little Chromebook. Andrew was online the other day and this crazy Best Buy deal came up. He had to purchase it within the hour. Crazy cheap price and free shipping. So, Happy Anniversary to me!  Thanks, love!

I'll try to get some updates out soon. For tonight, here's some pictures from our day. Andrew's been super busy. And mommy needed something fun today, so we had some St. Patrick's Day fun. :) We're not huge St. Patrick's Day celebrators. Usually, just throw on a green shirt and call it good. (except I didn't even manage that. I don't have a lick of green in my wardrobe. Weird.)  But, I had no plans for dinner, so I ran to Aldi this morning and came up with some ideas. Plus, St. Patrick was a missionary....and we sort of like missionaries. :) And Caleb is always up for a good story, so I knew he would enjoy learning about St. Patrick.

Jello Jigglers

saw these on Pinterest, I think, a while ago. Hard to keep the egg in the pepper, but they taste good. 

Irish soda bread.

our "shamrock"...hehehe. Flowers that Katie bought when they were here :)

we had potatoes, too. :) And a slice of bacon because, well, it's bacon. 

Luke got oven fries...his fave!

I got frustrated with the eggs and finally just scrambled them and put them inside the pepper slice. And Hannah loves her belly button....

She thinks everyone needs to see it!

Ice cream was half-price today at the store. And it's locally made (well, Michigan). So, why not? :)

Andes mint cookies

Here's a little video we watched today about St. Patrick.


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