Monday, December 8, 2014

Jesus at the Center

Everyday I pray that God will allow Luke to be able to communicate.

He has words. He uses words.  Sometimes in context, often not. Sometimes he chooses his words  carefully.... often he just repeats the same word or phrase over and over (AND over!).  Sometimes, he can speak at an appropriate volume. Often he's screaming at a level that's so loud, you're sure the next door neighbors can hear him.

But it's in there. He's in there. Luke. And you can see it. And it's excruciating. For me....and for him. He wants to say something...but it can't come out.

Here lately, when I walk Luke into his classroom in the morning....right when we're supposed to practice the whole "Good morning" routine, Luke takes off in another direction.  I'm prompting him to say an appropriate greeting to his teacher and classmates.  Instead, Luke belts out the first two lines of one of his favorite songs,

"Jesus, at the center of it all. Jesus at the center of it all......"

Last week at his doctor's appointment, Luke's neurologist was trying to engage him in conversation.  How old are you Luke?  What color is your shirt?   All questions he can answer.

But there's Luke. Sitting across from the doctor, feet dangling.  No conversation. Just a song. His little voice...

"Jesus at the center of it all. Jesus at the center of it all. From beginning to the end it will always be, it's always been you Jesus....."

And I smile and blink the tears away. And hope and pray that one day Luke's words will come. And then, too, I remind myself that while the body may be frail and broken, the soul is not.

And I thank my sweet boy for the reminder, especially during this season....

Jesus at the center......


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