Friday, September 7, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Ponderings

Most of my close friends know that I love, love, love Fall.

Really I would be just fine skipping June, July and August every year.

There is so much to love about Fall. SO much.

This morning Andrew and I squeezed in a quick breakfast date while the boys were at preschool. I scored half price Starbucks on LivingSocial and thought this was the perfect day to get that first pumpkin spice latte of the season.

I take my first sip and then it hits me....

Memories.  The brain is a funny thing.

4 yrs ago at this time, we welcomed our 2 lb miracle babies into the world.

We got loads of support from our friends and family during that time.  I think we had dinner delivered to our door for like 6 weeks straight.

People offered all kinds of help.

One of the things that I received a lot of were pumpkin spice lattes.    It was the perfect little gift....containing caffeine and comfort food qualities.

And since I looked like this just about always......

..I'm sure my friends were thinking, "Oh Lord...she needs a Starbucks!"

But smells and tastes are powerful reminders and I think today, my brain didn't really want to remember this.

Or this.

Rushing Luke off to yet another surgery

I said to Andrew this morning, "I'm actually nauseous just smelling this."

I had so many images flash in my mind and even felt some of the same emotions!

Kind of sad.  My beloved pumpkin spice latte may never be the same.

Thank goodness Eggnog Lattes are just a couple of months away!


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