Friday, September 7, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Ponderings

Most of my close friends know that I love, love, love Fall.

Really I would be just fine skipping June, July and August every year.

There is so much to love about Fall. SO much.

This morning Andrew and I squeezed in a quick breakfast date while the boys were at preschool. I scored half price Starbucks on LivingSocial and thought this was the perfect day to get that first pumpkin spice latte of the season.

I take my first sip and then it hits me....

Memories.  The brain is a funny thing.

4 yrs ago at this time, we welcomed our 2 lb miracle babies into the world.

We got loads of support from our friends and family during that time.  I think we had dinner delivered to our door for like 6 weeks straight.

People offered all kinds of help.

One of the things that I received a lot of were pumpkin spice lattes.    It was the perfect little gift....containing caffeine and comfort food qualities.

And since I looked like this just about always......

..I'm sure my friends were thinking, "Oh Lord...she needs a Starbucks!"

But smells and tastes are powerful reminders and I think today, my brain didn't really want to remember this.

Or this.

Rushing Luke off to yet another surgery

I said to Andrew this morning, "I'm actually nauseous just smelling this."

I had so many images flash in my mind and even felt some of the same emotions!

Kind of sad.  My beloved pumpkin spice latte may never be the same.

Thank goodness Eggnog Lattes are just a couple of months away!


  1. Tears reading this, Kristi. I remember the day your boys were born - I don't think any teaching got done in our building that day - lots of checking our phones/emails and praying. So thankful for you and your family. We love you guys!

    1. That same memory came to me today...about how all of my E-2 family stormed heaven for us before we could even get word to my family in Belgium that I had been admitted. I can still see Tracey Hankins popping herself through that door way into my hospital room. She was the first one there at my bedside, besides Andrew, of course.
      Oh, we are so indebted to so many people for so many prayers....
      Love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart, Kristi. You write beautifully, and I can truly FEEL your emotions. I took the time to read some of your earlier posts as well today. You are beautiful. God bless you ALL,

  3. Boy oh boy. I should know better by now to NEVER read your blog while I'm at work!!! I am overwhelmed with emotions as i read this entry. While reading it, the emotions from that day also rushed back to me!!! I have emotions of anticipation... waiting to hear SOMETHING from the doctors on that day, after they had been rushed out. I am scared... waiting to hear the news of what could be Horrific news. I have emotions of PURE JOY with each report of a miracle that God had planned. Even though we knew that these miracles would occur, it was just nice when God showed us He was hard at work!! ;) and Finally, I am overwhelmed with sadness... that your beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte will never be the same. I know that you have always treasured the season, and this latte has been one of comfort for you in the past!! It is sooooo awesome to look back at all of the miracles that have happened in these short 4 years, and I am hoping as you enjoy this season, that it is FILLED with God's peace, confort, and JOY!!!! :) bedcause that's what Fall is all about ;) I love you all sooooooo much, and miss you more than you know. every day.

  4. Awww...Erin, thanks. You know what...I drank the whole thing anyway, even with the flood emotions that came over me! :) I'm sure they'll be super yummy again to me one day. I've actually noticed it the last couple of years when ps lattes come out. It's so weird and just...intriguing..? Amazes me how the brain files memories. Anyway, sorry for the tears...I didn't mean it to be so sappy. Andrew and I talked for a while and then I just said "Well, it's a good thing I have eggnog lattes to look forward to!" and that was that.

    If we had only known the miracles God had in store and the joy that Caleb and Luke would bring us, we never would have worried! Our little Luke who was knocking on death's door was out on the porch shooting baskets a little while ago and shouting "Yay!!" every time he made the shot. :) My oh things have changed!

    Love you too so much. Thanks for being such a great sister to me!

  5. Oh, I love you Lundgrens. I remember not even knowing you and Andrew and how Mike Burnette brought you before our Wednesday night group in the white house to pray for your boys. Ever since our group prayed that night I felt a connection with you, and now I have had the joy of getting to know you and grow with you. I love this season too. Fall can be so beautiful and warm. I'm so thankful for genuine people who journey with a purpose to grow and love. You guys are great! Keep on! -Em



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