Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiet Generosity

First of all....they're the ones who made the 24 hour-ish trec (one way!) from Montana to help us take care of the boys. Andrew and I attended a Chi Alpha conference in Illinois this past weekend and childcare for the little guys wasn't provided. So, Andrew's mom and step-dad came and took care of Luke and Caleb for 4 days/3 nights. I mean, I know....grandparents love seeing their grandkids and Montana isn't just over yonder. So, in some ways it's a treat to get to take care of them. But these are TWIN grandsons. Who are 2. One with special needs who requires much more patience at times. Both with coughs and snotty noses and nighttime sleeping troubles. So, you know....not ENTIRELY a piece of cake. :))

I mean just THAT was a big act of kindness and generosity on their part.

They headed back to Montana on Sunday and ever since we got back from our trip that same afternoon, I've been finding treasures all over the house.

Another tower of diapers and wipes stacked up and hiding in the garage. (if you see my facebook statuses you know diapers have been delivered a time or two in the past. :) )

A bouquet of beautiful spring tulips on the kitchen table.

I go the pantry to get something out, and find it stocked with more snacks.

A freezer full of Elk meat!!

I pull something out the fridge and find more food in there than was there when we left for our trip.

I load the dishwasher and sitting behind the box of opened detergent, is a big, new box for when this one runs out.

I just started a load of laundry and found 2 new jugs of laundry detergent waiting to be used.

Go to reload the toilet paper holders and find a new 24 pack of toilet paper sitting the closet.

I could go on and on......

I doubt I've even found everything. Little gifts scattered here and there. Never a mention of anything from them. Never a "Oh, we left you some stuff to help you over the next few months."
Just a quiet generosity that moves me so much I find myself in tears.

Because it speaks of their love for us and ultimately reminds me of God's great love and provision. EVERY need will be met. Every single one.

I have amazing in -laws!! Not because of the little treasures they left hiding all over the house, but because they demonstrate how beautiful quiet generosity is....and spur me on to the same for others.

P.S. Elk meat recipes anyone? :)

P.S.S. A GIGANTIC thank you to Andrew's sister, Erin, and her family (who live in the same town as us) who helped so much with the boys this weekend and taught Luke new words like "Erin" :) Must get a video of this up here soon. Adorable.


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