Monday, July 27, 2009

On the move!

The boys are getting more and more FUN! Don't be mistaken...parenting has been fun from the beginning (minus the NICU stay). Any mother of twins can tell you though, that the first few months are just...well....WORK! There's just no way around it. Infants require a lot of attention and when there are two, it's simply double the work. I feel like we're finally getting into the season of double the FUN! :o) I recently posted a video on my Facebook page of the boys laughing at each other. It's the best sound in the world I think. More and more, they are starting to not just notice each other, but really interact. This has to be the best part of having twins. If it's true what they say, that the best gifts you can give your children are a healthy marriage between you and your spouse and a sibling, then twins have it pretty great if you ask me. A sibling right from Day 1!

Another fun moment over the weekend was watching Caleb army-crawl. Crawling is a progressive sort of skill....little by little babies sort of get better and better at it. Yesterday, I decided it was time to finally, officially mark the date (July 26th!) that Caleb started crawling. Andrew and I were getting ready for church. Normally we can leave the boys on the floor with a big pile of toys and they are pretty occupied for at least a few minutes. Yesterday morning, we did the same. I kept going back into the living room to check on the boys every minute or so. Well, in about 45 seconds flat, Caleb made it across the living room to the lovely green plant in our entry way and was about to have himself some breakfast!! Let the real fun begin!! So, now I'm off to baby-proof what I thought was already a very baby-proofed room. :) Mommy has a lot to learn!


  1. I am so proud of both you & Andrew! Have lots of fun, make memories & enjoy the boys!!

  2. How cute.. I heard chasing around two crawling babies is also a lot of work! Keep the blog posts coming. It's like a preview of our babies!



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