Thursday, November 12, 2009

Off to St. Louis

We're hittin' the road bright and early tomorrow morning. Plan to leave by 6 am....which means we'll leave at about 6:30 :-))
We'll be at Children's Hospital all day. Luke has a few procedures to get done. When you're out of town, they cram all the appointments into one day! So, he has an EEG in the morning, then some lab work and then a spinal tap in the afternoon. That's what is PLANNED. More than likely, they'll end up adding something else to the schedule, but that's all we know about for now.

Today is Day 13 on the new med and we see no changes. He's still having a lot of startle seizures throughout the day. I even thought to myself today, "Is he having more, instead of less?!!" But then I realized maybe I'm just more aware of them that we're watching his every move, hoping and praying this will be the day that we don't see them anymore. So, we'll see what they say tomorrow. I think the plan is to leave him on this med for at least a month to see if it'll end up working. Anyway, we will keep updates posted.

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