Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keto Kraziness

So Andrew, Caleb and Andrew's mom headed back to Springfield last night. Andrew had to work today. I'm here, holding down the fort. Had several people say, "Oh enjoy your time! Just you and Luke....you can rest, read a book, watch movies." I got to thinking, 'Yea, this will be pretty nice. Just me and one baby!" Came all prepared with my book, Office DVD set, and laptop.

Wishful thinking I guess.

My word...has it ever been busy today!! If you need to get caught up on rest, don't check in to your local hospital.

You probably already knew that.

Between blood sugar checks, ketone level checks and all the other "checking in", Luke and I didn't get much sleep. Luke woke up at midnight. Not sure what woke him up, but it's never good when he's startled from sleep. He seized 35 times. This morning he seized another 50 and then has had a few more throughout the day. The seizure monster is still here.

Luke seemed hungry for his 8 am bottle. He drank it down, but unfortunately, it didn't settle well and up it came (not ALL 8 oz thankfully). Mommy and Luke both covered. Yuck.

New outfit, new sheets, new blankets.

Docs were a tad bit concerned about the vomiting so they put an IV in, just in case. So far they haven't used it.

Good news!! Ketone levels are UP, blood sugar is stable!!!

Shortly after the first clean up effort, Luke got started at the other end. My friend Amy in Kansas tells me parents should never make public the details of their children's "business". And I agree with her. I'll move on...

new outfit, new sheets, new blankets

Bridget, the dietician came in and taught me how to measure out the bottle. Me and my gram scale are soon to be great buddies. We also went through the computer program (Keto calculator) that will help us plan meals in the future, once Luke isn't just eating formula. As I was making the bottles, I realized, "Wow, this is A LOT of olive oil in one day" I'm pretty sure my Italian grandma doesn't even have that much OO in a day! As we're measuring......we hear funny sounds from Luke's bed.

new outfit, new sheets, new blankets

S0000....I ask Bridget if we can try to swap out the OO for heavy cream in two of his bottles. We'll alternate. The cream can slow things down, the OO gets things going (obviously!) so starting at 4 pm, we'll try that.

For now, Luke is doing well. He's a little sleep deprived, but other than that, ok. Of course, it will be awesome when we can FINALLY say he's seizure free. Day by day and moment and moment though, we realize that abundant life doesn't come in wishing it all way and living only for seizure-free days. As the blinkie at the top of this page says, "Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life." We enjoy every moment, we soak it in......THIS is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Here are some photos of our moments...

Luke's latte!

His famous sleeping pose

This is my great aunt. Haven't seen her in years!! She surprised us yesterday with a visit. She officially set me straight on twins on the Hoggard side. My great-great grandpa was a twin. My great-great aunt had twins, my great-great aunt on the other side had twins, and two of my grandpa's siblings have twin grandchildren. (hope I got all that right!) Suffice it to say, when asked "Do you twins run in your family?", I will now say, "Yes!" Thanks Aunt D for settin' me straight!!

Our room

Grandma and Luke

Mommy's Keto meal.

Luke's IV

Luke and his many band-aids. He's about to run out of fingers.

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