Monday, January 25, 2010


My best friend and her husband are directors for Convoy of Hope Haiti. My friend was here in Springfield on Tuesday, Jan. 12th. Her husband was in Haiti hanging on to a balcony railing, riding out the quake. He was there on a routine of several this year. Can you imagine being that far away from your husband, knowing an earthquake just ripped through the city where he was? They are both so strong..... I admire them a lot.

I've been so moved by all of stories coming out of Haiti.  Stories of survival.....three month olds pulled out of the rubble, alive and well, after being buried for days. ( And to think there are people who don't believe in miracles...???)  Stories of lives being saved on US military ships and the injured being flown to medical facilities to be cared for by generous surgeons and doctors. Stories that tell of the unmistakeable tenacity of the human spirit. Stories of sweet Haitian children giving an enthusiastic "Thank you!" for one single bottle of water that they had to wait in line for hours to even get.  It's all been so overwhelming and inspiring at the same time.

For me personally, in my everyday life, these stories just cause my perspective to change. If you know me at all, you know I dread the weekly trip the grocery store.   It's just seems so tedious and time-consuming.  This week I heard myself almost saying out loud, "Really Kristi, you're gonna gripe about a tedious trip to the grocery?  You hardly know the meaning of 'wating in line'.  The longest of lines at the grocery store can't compare to what the people of Haiti are facing."

Haven't really had time to think about resolutions for 2010. (I'm the mother of twins...what can I say?!)  But, I know now that one thing I want to change is my perspective. I not an "out loud" griper.....the whiny sort that complains about every little thing. But, if I'm honest, I have to admit, I have my days and moments when I think to myself "Do I really have to do another load of laundry?" "Dishes...UGH!!!"  "I can't think of anything to make for dinner!" and "Why are these pictures taking so long to upload?" and "Why oh why does this person in front of me not know how to drive?" ..and on and on it goes. Am I the only "closet complainer" out there?  Not big things....ya know, just the small everyday things that can get on your nerves.
I'm forgetting all the while that the pile of laundry is there because I've been blessed TWO adorable little boys. And a sink full dishes means my family has been well fed when others in the world are starving...literally. And while I'm fretting over what to make for dinner...many people in world have no choice whatsoever...they eat whatever the humanitarian relief worker hands them to eat. And my pictures taking forever to upload means I've been blessed with many, many happy moments that I want to remember when millions are trying to forget the hell they are living through. And if I would just take a minute to think about it, I'd see that if I'm really that tired of dealing with crazy drivers, I could always do the alternative...sit at a bus stop in 30 degree temps and wait for a bus to come take me where I need to go.
I don't mean to be all somber.....and I hope this post isn't turning too melancholy.   I just want to be more mindful, that's all. And a little more intentional about taking my thoughts captive and remembering how blessed I really am.   I'm praying for the Haitian people and I'm thanking them for showing the world what gratitude really looks like.


  1. Hi Kristi,
    Thank you for this honest 'reality check'.
    I think if we're honest we all can do with a shift in perspective.
    I certainly can.
    Blessings on you all.

  2. WOW!
    Thanks = I needed that!!!

  3. Kristi
    A wonderful message. We have continued to follow you and your family from your dad and your blog.
    I am so proud of you. Continue to shine the light.
    In Christ
    Chuck Stecker

  4. What an insightful message. Thank you. And a special thanks to your dad who pointed us to it.

    John & Emma Jenkins

  5. Yep... I needed to read that. Thanks, girl. It's so easy to get all-consumed with our own little life and forget to keep a global-persepective on things... and a God-perspective as well.

    Love ya,



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