Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mothering a Child With Special Needs

It occurred to me today why I haven't tackled that master's degree yet....

And,  that I could almost qualify for a degree in..oh...let's see.. so many things.  Premature birth, pediatric neurology,  optometry, gastroenterology, Ketogenic Diet, pediatric physical,  occupational and speech therapy, developmental specialist.....

Admittedly, on most days while the boys nap, I do regular 'ol stay at home mom things. Laundry. Load dishwasher. Shower, if I'm lucky. Clean the high chairs. Clean UNDER the high chairs.  Facebook. Unload dishwasher. ...you know what I mean.

Today, instead, was spent educating myself on visual impairment and learning about resources available for Luke here in town. I am tremendously blessed that the "classroom" is my very own living room and these dear educator souls come to me, instead of me loading up two babies and going to them.

Missouri School of Blind sends someone out twice a month for an hour session. I'm learning all kinds of things. From the complete anatomy of the eye, to various diseases of the eye, to brain function, to levels of visual impairment. For the record, you cannot imagine what is happening in your brain right now just as you are reading the words on your computer screen. It is seriously amazing the complexities of the human brain and how much has to go "just right" for all of us to be able to see and interpret images. Wow!

While all this is valuable information, I've been longing to find something, someone to help Luke in regards to vision therapy. There just simply isn't a lot around here...surprisingly enough. Not that Springfield is any kind of huge metropolis but we do have better than descent medical facilities and you'd think vision therapy wouldn't be hard to come by. (Once a child turns 3, they qualify for public education which, of course, would provide for services related to visual impairment. But, before the age of 3...not too much available)

So, I was downright elated to find out through one of my fellow special-mommy friends, whose son is also visually impaired that Drury University is starting a Center for the Visually-Impaired!!!
Today, someone from the university came for a home visit to find out more about Luke's needs and to share with me all that is going to be available to him through this new center. Awesome!!  Luke will benefit so much from this. Yes, it only adds to his very full weekly therapy schedule, but that's ok.  :))
I was very impressed with the gal that came out today. It sounds like they've really got their heads together and are striving for excellence as they meet the needs of the visually impaired in this area. How exciting!

The boys were great and napped during both of my "classes" today.  Such good boys. :)   So, the master's degree will wait. For now, mommy-hood is keeping plenty busy learning all kinds of things. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I'm so proud and in awe of you Kristi! Love ya!

  2. Hey Kristi,
    I just found your blog (I'm always a little behind) and you are totally bookmarked! I just had to pop in and tell you that before my kids were born, I was a "home trainer" here in Shreveport. I worked mostly with developmentally delayed children 0-3 yrs. and their parents---met some precious people during those years.
    Your sweet family has been, and continues to be, in my prayers--I am rejoicing with you over all the great reports you have been sharing and look forward to watching God's awesome plan for your precious guys unfold. Hugs to you~~Kathy



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