Tuesday, October 5, 2010


To Everyone who follows this blog, my apologies.

Initially, this seemed like a wonderful idea. This blog writing stuff I mean.

Initially, as in.....before mommyhood got CrAzY busy.

It's always been busy I guess. I mean there are TWO of them and only ONE of me. I'm not sure what exactly happened except that nap time isn't what it used to be. And nap time used to be mommy time. {grin}

The thought has crossed my mind that most of you who read this blog are probably my friend on Facebook and so perhaps this isn't necessary. Why have a blog if you're not going to post?

But, I can't do it. Can't NOT have this blog.

It's for family. It's for friends far away and friends close by too. It's for me. There are no baby books started. :( Just a day planner that's jammed packed with therapy sessions and doctors appointments and play dates...and somehow I've managed to scribble in a few things I'd like to remember....like "Caleb's first tooth" and "Luke said Momma today" Even though it seems like I could never forget, I know I will. And so, these blog entries serve as reminders of those kinds of things. I write also for the strangers who happen upon this blog. In fact, maybe mostly for them. I've been a 'stranger' before......browsing through the intimate details of someone's blog who I'll (probably) never meet. But we shared something in common....twins or the NICU Nightmare or seizures or raising a special needs child or our Christian faith...... And I've found myself hanging on their every word. Finding information. Finding laughter. Finding Hope. I trust my entries will serve the same purpose....for someone, somewhere who might happen upon this blog.

So, I have some writing to do. :) Little by little, I'll get caught up.

For now, Happy Fall!!! It my favorite time of the year....I love it.

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  1. Well, I follow your blog and I don't have facebook. Andrew and I were friends from MT back in high school. It is neat to see what is going on in your lives and how God is at work. You are definitely an encouragement to others!



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