Thursday, February 24, 2011

Developmental Study

Luke had an initial developmental study done last year at our outpatient therapy center, the Meyer Center. It's been a year, so we had another study done today to monitor progress.

LAST Year at this time, these were Luke's results--he was 17 months old at the time:
(the age ranges listed represent his "developmental age")

Gross Motor Skills: 5-8 months
Speech and Language: 9-10 months
Fine Motor Skills: 6-8 months
Self-Help Skills: 6-8 months
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 19 lbs, 10 oz

TODAY's results (Luke is 29 months)

Gross Motor Skills: 9-12 months
Speech and Language: 14-16 months
Fine Motor Skills: 9-12 months
Self-Help Skills: 12 months
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 27 pounds

He's made huge gains. I can see on paper that most of the "suggestions" they made for improvement last year, he has now accomplished.

And yet...these pesky age ranges. I look at this and just get tired. Twelve months of hard, hard work and endless therapy sessions for only three (THREE!!) months of developmental growth.


And they, the sweet therapists, try to encourage me......that they are just a LITTLE skewed....the scores, I mean. A visually impaired kiddo is gonna have a hard time pointing at something across the room, so he was docked points for that. And his limited vision also makes utensil feeding a challenge, so he was docked for that. And he's not real interested (ok AT ALL interested) in scribbling or coloring....and again, who knows..maybe it's just because he can't see what he's writing. So, docked points again. And since he's decided he doesn't want to sleep from 2am to 5am every night, he was docked points for that. So, I get that. Not all kids fit neatly into a sweet little "standardized test".

Still, it's exhausting.

Maybe it's the rainy day.

Or the lack of sleep.

But sometimes the thought of "How are we ever going to get Luke caught up to where he needs to be?" just makes me want to go take a nap.

I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be back to my "nose to the grind" self. Back to researching what else we can be doing to help Luke. Back to teaching him how to use a spoon, how to cruise along the furniture, how to say his ABCs.

But doggone it, Thursdays are usually our day off. The one day we actually don't have to be anywhere for therapy. So, I'm gonna put a movie in, make a cup of coffee, listen to the rain, and just let Luke be Luke today.


  1. Good idea- to just let him be who he is. I discovered that idea around 3 yrs old. Not that you stop trying you just understand that he will be the best he can be!! You are an awesome mom! your boys are very lucky!

  2. Agreed! It wasn't till 4 for me. Don't let those tests discourage you. How many months of that last year was Luke still having seizures? You are doing a great job and Caleb is a fun therapist to his brother. Enjoy your boys and your coffee!

  3. Goodness...I can't believe I just now found your blog. I live in St. Louis.

    As someone who is a few years ahead of you in this journey, I want to say...slow and steady. The fact that he is making progress is huge...HUGE!!! And you have to let yourself go down and out...for a moment. You got to release those feelings. For me, it comes in waves. I have my good days and bad days. But Sophie always does something (at least once a day) that will make me smile or laugh. And it keeps me going. It keeps me pushing on her behalf. Our children are precious and they will never cease to amaze us.

    Please let me know the next time you are planning on coming into St. Louis. And do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  4. I'm not sure I ever read your comment before now...but sure, add us to your blogroll!!! Headed over to your blog now. :)



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