Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Quick Recap

I just attempted to do a picture marathon of sorts to show you the highlights of our extremely busy May-June-July. But after clicking, selecting, waiting for about 17 pictures to upload on here, something went wrong apparently and more than half the pics are in cyberspace somewhere. I'm not patient enough to start again.

So, a brief recap.

May--My parents came to visit from Belgium. We had a great time. The boys were spoiled rotten and some days Caleb still expects to have a doughnut waiting for him when he wakes up in the morning. (Thanks, Dad.)

We got to see Andrew's brother land his (training) plane at the Springfield airport!! That was really cool! Rob will be flying jets for the Marines. Proud of you Uncle Rob!

We were invited to be guests of honor at the First Hand Foundation Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser in Kansas City. Wow! Do these people know how to take care of families! We felt like royalty. Can't say enough about these kind, generous people. They are the real deal and we are so very grateful for all they've done for Luke to help him reach his potential.

We spent a good portion of this month hiding in the laundry room listening to tornado sirens. After we sat (awe-struck) and watched all of the Joplin tornado pics on TV, we realized the laundry room really wouldn't do us any good. Joplin is about an hour from here. My grandparents live there. They're ok. And so is a friend of ours who literally watched her house blow away while she huddled in the bathroom. Truly awful. Between allergies and tornadoes, Spring could easily be my least favorite season.

June--Family from Montana came to visit. That was a lot of fun!! The weather turned ridiculously hot and my poor flowers were scorched almost as soon as I got them planted. :(
We spent lots of time in the water...whether that be at the lake, at our friends' pool or just in the front yard in the little kiddie pool.

Andrew left his management job with Verizon in June, in preparation for our new adventure. More on that coming up.......

Luke started to make some great strides in therapy and even took 4 steps! We're still a quite a ways from him walking independently, but getting there I think.

July--We drove 27 hours one way (I repeat ONE WAY) to Montana. Airline tickets are so stinkin' expensive, so this was the only option really. Actually, though, it wasn't too bad. Andrew and I psyched ourselves up and drove through the night. Definitely the way to do it if you're road-tripping with small kids. No security gates. No panicking about whether or not you're gonna have "those kids" that cry all through the flight. No lugging carry-on baggage through the airport. No unsolicited advice/comments from strangers about traveling with twin 2-yr olds :) See, road-trips aren't that bad. Montana was great! Got to see all of Andrew's family. We found our inner cowboy/cowgirl and went to the Livingston Rodeo!! Watched some amazing fireworks and spent 6 whole days NOT sweating. :D

We went up to St. Louis for some more ABM therapy last week. Luke did well. He had settled back into some poor habits since the last time we had been there. So, the therapist focused on those areas. Mainly, loosening up his rib cage and helping him to use his core strength. Core strength is absolutely necessary for balance/walking. While Luke is SO much stronger than he used to be, he still needs to do lots and lots of core strengthening exercises. So, we're workin' on it......

As I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of pretty (ok, very!) exciting changes coming up for us. I'll update soon!!

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