Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Planes, Trains and Tractors. Oh My!!

Caleb and Luke (and their parents!) have had some fun memory-making moments in the last few months.

The boys got to experience their first train ride in Chicago (technically, just the metro, but when you're 3, it's a train. :) )

We also visited the fairgrounds here in southern Illinois and the boys got to hop on all the tractors. Pure joy!

And, finally, we got a visit from Uncle Rob.  He flew in to see us.  Flew,
 as in he was the pilot. How cool is that?!!  Pretty stinkin' cool if you ask us.
Enjoy the pictures!!

Caleb riding the Metro from Evanston to downtown Chicago

"This is sooo cool!"

Yep, that Giordano's...don't covet. :)   And a sleeping Caleb. 

Luke standing inside one of the tractor tires at the fair.

They had so much fun!

Caleb at the fair

There's Uncle Rob!!!


Squeals of excitement happening at this point....

Luke is headed out to meet Uncle Rob!

VERY windy day, but here we all are!

Caleb is really into taking pictures on is own now....

Nice shot, Andrew!

Paparazzi....they never leave you alone, do they??

Getting ready to take off...

Just thought I'd throw this one in....This is Luke before his tonsillectomy riding in Lightning McQueen.  He loooves Lightning McQueen. 

And here's Caleb who created his own "Cleaning Machine".  Mommy was pleased. ;)

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