Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sprinkles on Top

One year ago today, we were blessed with this sweet girl.

How can we even put into words what a JOY she is to our family?  She's makes all of us so happy!

We celebrated her today. It was a quiet affair.  But perfect for a 1 yr. old.  Just the five of us, plus family that FaceTimed and Skyped in. :)

Caleb helped prepare and we put together a fun little "Sprinkle party" for her.

Life was already so sweet when we found out Hannah would be joining us. I mean Andrew and I had already been showered with so much love from our Heavenly Father.

With each other.

With these two boys......

With precious friendships. With miracles. With peace and grace and mercies new every morning. God is so good. 

Life was sweet, but the gift of Hannah was like sprinkles on top of it all.

 It was like God was saying, "Not only that....I'm showering down extra sweetness on all of this."

What a gift!

I hope to write more about her soon, but for now here are some pictures from her special day.

Caleb helping get the food ready.


Sprinkles....lots of sprinkles!!

Caleb making his "Hannah" sign with, of course, sprinkles :)

Daddy brought Hannah birthday flowers....

So earlier today I said to Andrew, "Mmm...I didn't really think about her birthday dinner. What would she like for dinner?"  Probably in a bit of a sleep deprived state, we decided that since she loves Cheerios.....we should go splurge on a few of the many, many kinds of Cheerios you can find these days. So 'breakfast for dinner' it was. The kids were thrilled. :)  Ahh...memories. Ha!



She was so careful at first....

Then, she went for it!

The FaceTime/Skype session with far-away family.....

I got too distracted and didn't take any pics of her opening presents. But, at the end, we let Luke give her a new box of Kleenex. Just what every one-yr-old wants. :) She loved it!!  She got to pull out as many she wanted. She kept pretending to blow her nose. Ha!



  1. Very nicely done ... and Hannah is PURE JOY!!

  2. Such a sweet post! Love the birthday dinner menu :)



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