Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankfulness, cont'd

M- MIRACLES! Yes, they still happen. every. single. day.

N- NAP time. J My boys take two LONG naps everyday. It’s wonderful.

O- Let me think…..The Ozarks…. The Office….sure, those will work.

P- Our PARENTS. So thankful for parents who have always loved us, supported us and showed us with their lives how to trust God and serve Him faithfully. We are who we are because of them and I am so thankful Luke and Caleb have such a Godly heritage.

Q- This is getting hard….. ? I dunno. Quiet nights. Can that count for Q? Both of our babies sleep through the night (most of the time). I remember when they didn’t. I have my sanity back. J And I know it’s not always a guarantee…babies that will sleep through the night. So, I’m really thankful ours do.

R- Republic Elementary II—my former place of employment. This one group of people has shown more compassion and generosity towards me and my family than you can ever imagine. I love you all, I MISS you and I could never thank you enough for all you’ve been to me.

S- Smiles—You parents know what I mean when I say…there’s NOTHING like opening the bedroom door in the morning, peeking around the corner and seeing your child grinning from ear to ear. I am thankful that despite some long, exhausting days , my two sweet boys can both smile and giggle and make me pause in wide-eyed amazement.

T- 242—our Sunday school class. This amazing group of people has meant so much to us over the last 5 years. They know what it means to “bear one another’s burdens”. So thankful to have these people to share the journey with!

U- U2 concert!!!! I surprised Andrew for his 30th birthday this year and we headed to Oklahoma for a concert he’s been dying to experience! It was worth the money and driving through the night. J

V- Our VAN!! So loading two infants in and out of a vehicle turns out to be a very difficult task. Really thankful we found a great deal on a great van this year.

W- The WORD….as in Scripture. So thankful for God speaking to us and revealing Himself to us through the Bible. Thankful to have it my language and the freedom to read it whenever I want.

X- Sheesh…was this alphabet thing my idea? I’m moving on…


Z- I’m gonna have to get creative here. Zero: The number of times God has left my side. This is what I know for sure today…..He is ALWAYS with me.

P.S. As I’m typing this, Luke is laying the floor babbling. “Ba ba ba ba ba…da da da”. Luke started babbling a few months back and then kind of just….stopped. Maybe in response to these stupid seizures…who knows. But anyways, he’s been squealing and smiling and all that, but the babbling of syllables was gone for a while. And today, it’s back. He just seems more “present” the last couple of days. In the words of Sara Groves, “It’s the everyday miracles that keep my hope alive….” Thank you, God. Thank you for being with Luke. Thank you for every struggle and every challenge that teaches us how to truly live……how to recognize the miraculous in our every day life. Thank you for the struggles that allow us to see just how big you really are and for allowing us to know our weakness so, in turn we can know your strength.

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  1. Kristi, you CRACK ME UP!!! I loved this Alphabet of Thanksgiving (especially X).

    You are one tough Momma and an inspiration to me every day. Seriously. Your roots are deep and your foundation is strong... in Christ.

    Thanks for blogging. Love you!



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