Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleepless in Springfield

I've been making lots of runs to Starbucks lately. My sister-in-law blessed me with a generously loaded SB gift card for my birthday.
So, you know, I feel a little less guilty spending a gift card than, say, money.  But I've never done that. *wink*

What can I say?


If you're a Facebook friend, you know sleep has been hard to come by around here.

Two words:  Ear Infection.

If you've been there, done know just what I'm talking about.

FINALLY, after 9 (yes, NINE) weeks, four antibiotics, several trips to the doctor, many tears, lots of screaming, and several trips to Starbucks, and countless sleepless nights,  I think Luke is on the mend.

We're still going to see an ENT though, because honestly, I think tubes might be his answer.

For the past two nights, he has slept 7-8 hours straight.  Relief. Our boys are usually such GrEaT sleepers. They easily sleep 11 to 12 hours without making a peep.   The past several weeks took me back to the beginning....those "newborn nights" when you're up every hour or two.    All.Night.Long.

In the midst of all this, Luke's actually had some great things happening.   I'll get around to updating you on all of that....soon hopefully.

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