Friday, October 8, 2010

Safety First

I decided to keep our boys rear-facing when they turned a year old. I had told Andrew that I did some research and that it was the safest choice. Now the boys are two and they're still rear-facing. The subject came up yesterday and Andrew asked to see some of the research I had read. I said, "Just Google it. You'll find all kinds of stuff." There's lots of convincing evidence out there. What's crazy to me, is that my pediatrician has never mentioned this to me. I've never seen any literature about it or any commercials on TV......nothing to educate parents on what to me seems like very important information to have. Maybe others of you have and I just haven't been paying attention....?
Anyway, here's just one of several videos we watched yesterday as we were looking through stuff online about this topic. Everyone has to make the choice for themselves. But, I think everyone should at least be told what the research shows.

**You'll see clips from the dummy crash test in this video. That's what convinced me!! Luke and Caleb will be rear-facing until they weigh 35 pounds. (unless I can find a car seat with a higher rear-facing weight limit!


  1. I never heard anything from my pediatrician either... and with our firstborn we didn't hear it at all and turned him WAY too early! The test dummy video says a lot...

  2. Mike's aunt sent us some info several months ago... we are staying rear-facing as long as we can. But there should be more public awareness about this. (And the coat thing you shared the other day b/c I didn't know anything about that except from word of mouth.)



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